Body Spa


All services include a Complimentary Beverage. Check out our NEWS page to see our feature flavors. Ask about our Organic Body wraps!

– Aqua Retreat                                                                > 45+ Mins                     100.00

Detoxify your body and stimulate the senses with your choice of Sea Marine products.

 – Balance Body Scrub                                               > 30+ Mins                    60.00

Select from a flavor menu of custom Body Scrubs. This service removes dead skin cells, cleans, and exfoliates the skin. After this treatment your skin will be visibly smoother.

 – Brilliance Body Polish                                           > 45+ Mins                     85.00

Select from a flavor menu of custom Body Sugars & paraffin. This service repairs and restructures the collagen and elastin in the skin. After this treatment your skin will be glowing and soft.

 – Botanical Body Wrap                                            > 45+ Mins                     95.00

Body is wrapped in Sea Marine clay and mud products gently remove toxins from the body and leaves skin with a natural glow and silky feel.

 – Clay Wrap                                                                        > 45+ Mins                      85.00

Select from various Clay Body wraps (Amber or Dead Sea Clay) draws out toxins and delivers nutrients to skin. Warmth of body wrap improves circulation and relieves aches and pains.

 – Cryo/Hydro Body Wrap                                     > 45+ Mins                        90.00

Skin cooling/warming and Exfoliation with Cold/Hot Compress is the perfect skin refresher. Relax and detoxify your skin.

 – Dermal-Hydration                                                    > 60+ Mins                       85.00

Pampering treatment for those with dry/cracked/flaky skin; where skin regenerating creams or oils are applied and wrapped. Complimentary paraffin overlay also provided with this service. Your skin will be visibly smoother and have a pleasant aroma.

– Detox Wrap (Signature Service)                  > 60+ Mins                       100.00

Get wrapped in banana leaves with rich black Coffee Mud (MOOR Mud & Chocolate Mud also available) in this highly detoxifying, balancing, and anti-inflammatory body care treatment.

 – Duo Moisture Refining Treatment            > 45-60 Mins                 140.00-180.00

Enjoy a Refining Moisture Treatment with 2 Spa Therapists. This Refining Moisture Treatment is especially helpful for cleaning, smoothing, and repairing the skin and effects.

 – Essence Treatments                                              > 45-60 Mins                  80.00-100.00

Rejuvenate your skin with our Essence Body Exfoliation treatment that includes a scented flavor aromatic room, body scrub, and hot towel wrap/compresses.

– Healing Therapy (Signature Service)       > 45-75-90 Mins           70.00- 90.00 – 120.00

Enjoy a cool or warm relaxation therapy combined with Hot/Cold Moisture Refining Treatment.

 – Moisture Refining Treatment                        > 45-75-90 Mins          60.00- 80.00 -100.00

Enjoy a Moisture Refining Treatment, excellent for smoothing the skin. Our products lift away dead skin cells, minimize the appearance of pores, and your skin will be radiant & fresh looking!

 – Paraffin Treatment                                                    > Add-On to Any Spa Therapy    +10.00 per area

This is a Deep heat treatment that provides smoothing to the body, hands, & feet. You can have the treatment added to your Spa therapy or any service!

 – Tranquility Spa Treatment                                   > 90 Mins                        120.00

Enjoy a Cold or Warm Moisture Refining Treatment with a Cold/Hot Effects & Friction Application. Our High quality Shea Butter lotions with added oils coat and repair the skin.

– Soufflé Body Wrap (Signature Service)     > 90 Mins                        115.00

Hydrating body treatment with paraffin overlay and hot oil wrap leaves skin glowing & smooth.