All services include a Complimentary Beverage.  Check out our NEWS page to see our feature flavors.  Ask about our Organic Body wraps!

 – Banana Body Wrap                      > 45+ Mins                        70.00

Enjoy a body treatment therapy with Organic Banana Wrap from neck to toes in a scented flavor aromatic room. Add a hot or cold clay/mud to your Wrap for +10.00

 – Cold Stone Treatment                       > 45+ Mins                        90.00

Enjoy a cooling relaxation therapy with Cold Stones in a scented flavor aromatic room.

 – Hot Stone Treatment                         > 45+ Mins                         90.00

Enjoy a Warm Therapy with Hot Stones in a scented flavor aromatic room.

Hot Oil Therapy                                         > 30-60-90 Mins 60.00 – 100.00

Enjoy a Warm Therapeutic relaxation treatment with warm Oil. This service deeply nourishes the skin, boosts blood circulation, & relieves body aches to achieve total relaxation.

Paraffin Treatment                               > Add-On to Any Massage  10.00+/area

This is a Deep heat treatment that provides pain relief to the hands, feet, and sore joints. You can have the treatment added to any service!

Relaxation/Swedish Treatment  > 30-60-90 Mins, 60.00-120.00

Enjoy a relaxation treatment This service is excellent for enhancing calm thinking, promote a relaxed state, and helping you to wind down.

Seated Massage                                         > 15-30 Mins,  20.00-30.00

Enjoy a seated chair massage that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. This treatment helps lower anxiety, as well as, boosts the immune system, & relieves muscle pain/headaches. The perfect service for corporate persons in need of fast, effective, pain relief and relaxation!

  If you would like to request a Custom Spa Packages and/or a Mobile in your home or on location party or event, please speak with our staff today!