Spiritual Healing



Chakra Cleansing:
Attunements are a wonderful way to give yourself healing and are extremely relaxing.
We will balance & clear all chakras, so that they’re vibrating at the correct rate/speed/rotation, clean and clear, & the correct size/color – in perfect balance and alignment.



– 1 x Chakra attunement 100.00
– 3 x Chakras attunement  280.00
– 7 x Full Chakras Attunement 500.00 (this service lasts 6 hrs & includes a light snack and complimentary beverage)
– Energy cleanings for 99.00



Meet Your Spirit Guides
They are here to help us learn, that is their purpose – one they signed up for!


 starting at 50.00+ per session.

Psychic Healings



– Consultation with Herbal remedy & Affirmations. Includes a message from your spirit guides and 3 card reading for 222.00
Healing Manicure for 22.00
– Healing Pedicure for 33.00
– Spa Healing Manicure for 44.00
– Spa Healing Pedicure for 55.00
– Healing Hand Light Touch Therapy for 55.00
– Healing Mani/Pedi Basic for 66.00
Spa Healing Mani/Pedi Pkg for 77.00
Reflexology for 88.00+
Reikei Sessions starting at 99.00+
Rain Drop Therapy sessions starting at 111.00+


Readings (Couples, Singles, Guidance, Love, Psychic, Psychic Medium, and Oracle Cards, Tarot, & Wisdom cards), starting at :



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